Friday, June 25, 2010

Harrodsburg Festival of Books and Arts

Below you will find the booth assignments for Saturday's Harrodsburg Festival of Books and Arts. Remember to bring a tent or umbrella, sun screen.. floppy hats or whatever to protect yourself if the sun gets too hot for you.
1. Ed McClanahan
2. Donna Ison
3. Roberta & Lonnie Brown
4. Christopher Kelder
5. Sheri Wright
6. Abigail Keam
7. Kathy Skaggs
8. Alonzo Fugate
9. Fred L. Cook
10. Ann Gabhart
11. Nic Brown
12. Fiona Young-Brown
13. Mason Smith
14. Marie Mitchell
15. Rebecca Turney
16. Ragged Edge Theater
17. Russell A. Vassallo
18. Bill Womack
19. Betty Pace
20. Nash Black
21. Kentucky Monthly (publisher)
22. Kari Burchfield (artist)
23. Billy Reed
24. The Community of Mercer County Writers (Nomadic Ink) & Katerina Klemer (This is OUR Booth!!!)
25. Richard Taylor
26. Kris Marnon (artist)
27. Joanna Thompson (potter)
28. Shaker Village (organization)
29. Kaboom Writers
30. Lynn Pruett
31. Tim Renfrow (publisher booth)
32. Jeff Loane (artist)
33. Mathew Rodgers (artist)
35. Mark Wayne Adams (writer/ artist)
36. Mike Young (artist)
37. Fort Harrod (organization)
38. Jacquie Woodward (artist)
39. Fan Fun Books
40. Dreama
41. Paula Sparrow
42. Tim Callahan
43. E. Gail Chandler
44. Nelda Shattles Copas
45. Tourist Commission
46. Normandi Ellis
47. Russell Lunsford
48. Jan Sullivan
49. Alycia Davidson
50. Rinda Hahn
51. Lori A. Moore
53. Georgia Stamper/Sherry Chandler
54. Sylvia DeLee Davis
55. Dr. William Montell
56. Vickie Cimprich
57. Ruth Thompson
58. John Braxton Sparks
59. Joan Hall
60. Ron Rhody

Information for Authors and other participants,

Thank you for being a part of this event. I wish each of you great success and a lot of fun.
* You have received your booth assignment but there could be a slight change between now and then but if there is I will let you know. There will be a name tent on each table so if you get lost just look for your name. There should be a volunteer somewhere around the booth area to assist you if you have any problems.

* The Country Hearth Inn in Harrodsburg is offering some great deals on rooms. Call 859-734-2400 and mention The Harrodsburg Books and Arts Festival or ask for Nate Patel

* If you come in from the North or South you will be most likely traveling on US 127 which comes directly into Harrodsburg. Do not take the by pass. Once you get into town there will be signs directing you to the area reserved for our authors and other vendors. If you come in from another direction just watch for the signs bringing you to the parking area. If you do a map quest or google directions put your destination point as Greenville Street, Harrodsburg, KY That will put you very near the parking area. If you need more detailed directions, please call me at either 859-734-7867 or 859-247-0522 (C) if you need to talk with me on the 26th please call the cell phone.

* The booths should be set up by 9 am. If you need help getting to your booth please drop me an email so I can make arrangements but we will be really busy that morning. But if you do need help we will assist you.

* Please bring sun screen. We will provide you will all the water you need and there will be someone to go get it for you. We will also have food available and someone to sit at your booth while you go eat or whatever you need.

* If you have a patio table umbrella with a holder, feel free to bring it. I have one and you fill the base with water so it does not fly away, it will help some if the sun shines too much on your booth. The sun does not shine on both sides of Main St all day. But it will be hot and will shine on you for awhile so please prepare for that. We hope to have a big tent next year and the sun will not be a problem. We will try to make you as comfortable as possible.

We are so excited about you being here and we want your experience to be a great one. And, thank you for being a part of this first Books and Arts Festival.

Tony Sexton

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Harrodsburg Festival of Books and Arts

Hey Folks,

Just a reminder that the Harrodsburg Festival of Books and Arts is just around the corner. As you know this thing actually happened because we sat down last November and made some plans for this year... what we thought would be a small book fair blossomed into an amazing event.

Anyway, there will be around 50 authors, a lot of artists and things happening all day that will give folks a lot of things to do. We will be doing reading all day at two locations and we will have a booth where we can sell chap books or whatever and meet all the folks passing by.

The most important thing I have to ask is CAN YOU HELP? We are in charge of the authors. That involves making sure they have everything they need, getting them bottled water or a snack... sitting at their booth if they need a break and so forth. I have done this at The Kentucky Book Fair in Frankfort and it is really a lot of fun. It is a great way to get to know the authors and make friends. We need as many as we can get for as long as they can stay.. so if you can work a few hours or all day please let me know as soon as possible.

I really hope we make a good showing since it was our idea. I know other groups have 15 or 20 volunteers so we need to try and be there. I know some of you will not be able to spend the entire day but I hope you can come for a few hours. Also, if you would like to fix some sort of snack or finger food to share with other volunteers Goldie would appreciate it. We will have a hospitality room at Studio G for all the volunteers (water, food a place to take a break) so we need lots of goodies and I know many of you make some FANTASTIC goodies.

So, please, please try to adjust your schedule so you can be a part of this, help out and go away with a fun and exciting time and let me know as soon as possible how long you can work, what times and so forth. I will send a schedule of the things we need to do and a schedule of who is reading where sometime this week.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Tony Sexton